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Goal Crazy Coaching

Want some personal help accomplishing your goals? We can help! Check out our programs below

Level 1: Foundation

Planner & Training

The Goal Crazy Planner will be your foundation to help you clarify the life you want, create clear plans, and start taking action towards our goals.


  • Goal Crazy Planner

  • Training Courses

  • Downloadable PDF Bonuses

  • Goal Crazy Podcast

  • Goal Crazy Facebook Group

Level 2: Calendar Mastery

Accountability Group

If you want to create the life of your dreams, you must develop the skill of time management, and thats what the Accelerator Group is for! We have LIVE weekly calls where we teach you exactly how to time-block & organize your time in the planner.


  • Group Coaching

  • LIVE: 35-minute calls every Monday morning at 7am CST.

  • LIVE: Monthly 1-hour goals setting workshops

  • 20-minute personal coaching call

  • Calendar Mastery Training Course

Level 3: Self Mastery

One-on-One Coaching

In this 90-day program you will work personally with Jason VanDevere, the founder of Goal Crazy.

You will focus on:

  • Clarity: Clarify on your life's purpose, align your goals to it, then clarify specific action steps to take.

  • Structure: Create a clear work-life balance by creating a structure in your schedule to fit all your tasks in to a manageable work day.

  • ​Mindset: Identify and overcome limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back the past.

  • ​Accountability: Have the accountability of a coach, community of entrepreneurs, and the tools to hold yourself accountable in the future.